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The term originally appeared in 2003 on the 4chan image board as a concept of a multitude of online and offline user communities representing an anarchic digital world mind. Also, this term is understood as a subculture that elevates the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčanonymity and freedom on the Internet to an ideal. Anonymous is strongly opposed to internet censorship, harassment and surveillance. In protest, the group hacked various government websites.


About word tea

Tea is also the leaf of the tea bush itself, processed and prepared for the preparation of a drink. Preparation includes preliminary drying (drying), rolling, more or less prolonged enzymatic oxidation, final drying. Other operations are introduced into the process only for the production of certain types and varieties of tea. Sometimes the word "tea" is also used as the name of a tea bush - a species of plants of the genus Camellia of the Tea family; in the botanical scientific literature, the name Camellia sinensis is commonly used for this species.

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